Sunday, December 27, 2009

SRS Audio Driver TerBaik [latest] Gegarkan rumah anda

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VERSION jempot download

Link always fResh upload sndiri.. psti yg terhangat

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Sony Ericsson Theme Creator

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You can make your phone look completely different from the rest
The "Themes Creator" is now official and supports all Sony Ericsson phones that support themes (except P900, of course).
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator is a software that helps you to personalize your mobile phone.

With a bit of work and creativity, you can make your phone look completely different from the rest, since you can change almost everything you see on the screen (except font face, some icons).

By the way, there's still no way to remove the operator logo.

· Mobile Phone Monitor is necessary for this program.
· 10 MB hard disk
· 128 MB system RAM
· 300 MHz CPU

Internet Tweak v4.80 + Crack + Portable

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With Internet Tweak you will be able to Tune Up Internet Connection and Optimize Internet Explorer Settings. This software reveals more than 300 secret settings of modem, web browser, and e-mail client software.

By default, most modems and network connections in Windows are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed. While the maximum transfer speed of a modem/network connection can only be changed by costly hardware upgrades, our software will optimize your modem, browser and network connections settings for faster download speeds, faster web site loading, and an overall increase in web surfing session speed.

Here are some key features of "Internet Tweak":

* Increase your Internet connection's performance
* Optimize modem settings and boost modem transfer speed
* Optimize mtu settings and tcp ip settings
* Speed up Internet searches and disable browsing local files
* Open Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator in Kiosk mode
* Hide your e-mail account
* Personalize & secure your Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator settings from unwanted people
* Change IE's logo, background and title bar with your own logo or our template
* Customize Internet Explorer's registry settings.

Pc Auto Shutdown v3.8

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TuneUp Utilities 2010 9.0.3000(new updated)

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Download Version 2020

Download Version 3000

Product key

Nero 10.2 (2009)

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Platform: Windows 95/98/??/2K/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/7
Year: 2009
Language: Eng
Keygen: Yes
Size: 1.01 Gb

About program: Nero 10 this set of software digital multimedia and home centre of the amusements of the following generation, which uses the most confidence in the world. This simple in use, but powerful instrument multimedia gives you liberty to create, read, copy, write, edit, together use and send given in network. That this nor was music, video, photo or given - enjoy them and use with native and close when is pleased and anywhere.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Camfrog Video Chat Pro v5.3.215 Portable

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Camfrog Video Chat Pro v5.3.215 Portable



Camfrog Video Chat Pro v5.3.215 Portable

By maani

Camfrog Video Chat Pro v5.3.215 Portable | 11.9 Mb

Camfrog Video Chat allows you to join real streaming video chat rooms where you can hear, see, and chat with many people at a time. Instant message a user to get to know them before you Webcam chat, and add them to your contact list. This videoconferencing software also works behind most firewalls and routers. Camfrog Video Chat allows multi-user videoconferencing where you can join a room with up to 1000 users and just click a user name to begin seeing someone.

Press the ‘talk’ button to talk to the entire room with audio. The video chat rooms are hosted by
broadband users who are running the Camfrog Video Chat Room Server software so any user can set up their
own multi-user videoconference for other users to join. No Webcam is required to see people, but some rooms
might not allow users without Webcams.Camfrog Video Chat is optimized for broadband users so it has fast video.
Video Chat Rooms
(3009) webcam chatrooms available now!
See and hear many people at a time in one of the many multi-user audio/video rooms listed here
and hosted independently by Camfrog users. Users with a fast connection can host their
own multi-user videoconference free!
User Directory
(60306) users online now!
Find someone to videochat with 1-on-1 using live streaming audio and video with our live webcam user directory.
View photos of people currently online and search for Camfrog users in your area. It’s easy to see
if users are male or female and if they have a camera. It’s a free chat line with video too!