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Crazy Talk Pro v5.0 (Make Your Photo Talk)

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CrazyTalk5 PRO interfaces facial animation with revolutionary real-time puppeteering controls empowering you with command performance over character facial expressions. The program provides the advanced functions and productivity with the most innovative and accessible features allowing you to command and control facial performances like never before.

Major Enhancements
9 customizable Face Profile Styles to match a variety of characters, from human to non-human.
Face rotation angle enlargement for anti-distortion while face rotating.
Jaw bone added allows dramatic mouth movement.
Teeth and eyes texture replacement with custom images.
Enhanced standby motions and customization.
Dual-layered SFX for Text bubbles with comic captions and SFX-Swap.

Record real-time facial puppeteering and save it in layers as Motion Clips storing all facial animation data.
Drag and drop Motion Clips to add instant expressions to Timeline including full face, eye, head, and SFX track performance.
Live puppet character animation with mouse or handheld devices.
5 default puppet profiles and 6 emotions styles for full facial control.
Key mode editing for specific character expression and precision puppet performance.
New camera system to move characters with free head zoom and rotation.

Output Variety
Large size for NTSC, PAL and HD size output.
Flash FLV video with standby motions included.
YouTube optimized video output size for instant sharing.
Custom video size, MPEG-4 with adjustable video and audio quality.
Mobile supported format for handheld devices.
Web-ready streaming video including Windows Media or Real Media.

KEY Features
Facetrix, Fitting Wizard for Photo Animation
Expressix, Lip-sync for Talking Characters
Face Profile Styles for Character Definition
Timeline Editor for Commanding Performance
Motion Clips for Recording Real-time Facial Puppeteering
Blazing Visual Experience for CrazyTalk
Real-time Face Puppet Animation
Flexible Media Output

System Requirements
Pentium III 800 MHz (Pentium IV or higher recommended)
256 MB RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
512 MB disk space (1 GB or higher recommended)
Duplex Sound Card/VGA Card/Keyboard/Mouse/Microphone/Speaker

Operating System
Windows XP SP2/Vista


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