Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Stopper v2.00

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Time Stopper v2.00 | rar | 5mb

There are many software’s available in web which are best in many ways depending upon the user. But these software’s are always paid one which needs to be purchased after certain period in order to use it. But some software makers give a demo version of the software to try out before buying it which runs for a certain period and needs to be purchased in order to work again in your PC.

Many will uninstall the software and reinstall the software and will use it again as demo version.
But there is way to use that trial software again and again without even uninstalling it.TimeStopper does that. TimeStopper is a small software which just stops the time of any executable software file and will helps you in using that Trail software continuously without any trouble. It have very sinple user interface which is very easy to handle

Now just Browse the Executable File (.exe file) of Require Software which will be usually located in C:\Program files\APPLICATION-NAME\ and now just select the new installation date.
Now extend to another 30/60/90 Days depending on the software.


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